A New Home

Gar Mickelson

Over the last seven years KCS has used different housing models to house dozens of people. We have housed people in a variety of RV trailers and motorhomes, rooms in houses of empathetic friends, and rooms in various transitional housing programs. Over the last two years KCS has rented our own houses and allowed our work services program participants to sublet from us (with landlord approval).  While expensive on the front end, renting our own homes has seemed to work the best with the longest lasting results. In2020, KCS was able to transfer the leases of two houses to program participants.

Just this fall KCS rented another house for program participants. It cost KCS $3,750.00 to get into the house up front for first, last, and damage deposit. The residents of the house will pay monthly rent and gradually make up the damage deposit over time. KCS volunteers will meet with the tenants of the house weekly for house meetings and an option Bible study(which the tenants are eager to do). At the end of the lease period, the tenants will have the option to lease the house in their own names.

This is a great model but it takes stable partnerships to make it happen. First of all you need a landlord who is willing to take a risk housing formerly homeless persons. Next it takes an organization that has screened the individuals, has the cash to put up front, then the personnel to regularly oversee the house and the relationships in the house. Finally, it takes residents who are committed to taking the opportunity to turn their lives around.  


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