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2nd Street Commons Blend!  Freshly roasted, delivered to you or your gift recipient.  Free delivery in Kootenai County! By purchasing this coffee you are helping real people that are currently experiencing homelessness and poverty in our local community.  The more coffee you purchase the more people you help!

Use for orders to be delivered INSIDE of Kootenai County.
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KCS desires to provide stabilizing employment services for those currently experiencing homelessness while also serving those who cannot afford needed land and home services. Employees receive needed resources such as food, work clothing, and connection to housing opportunities, as well as case management services to help them sort through issues related to their homelessness. Employees also receive job training related to safety, job site ethics, and skills training related to land and home services. Customers such as Seniors, Veterans, Handicapped persons, and single parent households receive land and home services pro bono which they previously did not have access to for financial reasons. KCS Land and Home also provides services to paying customers with all profits going back into the nonprofit to help pay for work training program.



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“After getting several bids from other contractors, we hired KCS Land and Home to build a new cedar fence and perform landscaping and grading work at our new home.  The crew got all the jobs done on time and at the bid price. When they accidentally damaged some buried sprinkler pipe, KCS Land and Home took care of the repairs with no questions asked.  Everything looks terrific and we have received numerous compliments from our neighbors on the work performed by KCS Land and Home.  Quality work for a fair price is reason enough to hire KCS Land and Home, but their mission to serve the community and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ as a non-profit organization sets them apart.  We highly recommend KCS Land and Home without reservation.”



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