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Gar Mickelson

On September 1st,2020 KCS handed the baton of management of the 2nd Street Commons over to our longtime ministry partner ‘2nd Chance Discipleship Ministries’. We are excited about this move because 2nd Chance will bring new vision, resources, and volunteers to the Commons through their partnership with their Nazarene Connect Churches.

In October of 2020, the KCS Board of Directors unanimously agreed to gift all the contents of the 2nd Street Commons to 2ndChance Ministries. This included all of our kitchen equipment, freezers, washer and dryer, inventory of resources, and furnishings (On KCS books for about $20,000.00). Initially the board was considering selling all of these items but as time went on the Lord made it clear that we were to bless 2ndChance with everything so they wouldn’t incur any debt to acquire what they need for ministry. It was an easy choice for the board because everything that was there was donated or purchased with grant funds for ministry at the Commons.

Along with the contents of the Commons, KCS also donated our ‘Pathfinder Tiny House’ to 2nd Chance Ministries. 2ndChance hopes to use this cabin to provide temporary crisis housing for individuals or small families as they wait for housing. We are so thankful to Paul Loibl and ‘North Idaho Truck and Crane’ for helping us with the moving project!

In 2020 KCS spent over $ 4,500.00 in direct benevolence to meet crisis needs through the 2nd St. Commons, and an additional $6,900.00 for support supplies for the 2nd St. Commons.  KCS will continue to partner with 2ndChance Ministries through the 2nd Street Commons by being a resource for emergency needs (car repairs, bus tickets, transportation, etc.) and bybeing an employment option (through our work services training program) for homeless individuals who are ready to make a change.


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